About Us

With 75 years of industry experience, we offer complex human resources solutions to help clients succeed. Our solutions cover all the needs of employers - from finding and recruiting talent through their evaluation, training and development to agency employment and outsourcing. At ManpowerGroup, we have the world's largest human resources network with almost 4,400 branches in more than 80 countries.

We provide our services under specialized brands. Colleagues from Manpower will help you with recruitment and job search, we will provide you with IT experts and outsourcing of IT services through Manpower IT and outplacement programs or training and development of your employees will provide experts from Talent Solutions. In the Czech Republic we take care of the personnel and payroll agenda of almost 8,000 employees who are working for our clients.

We are legal

We are a legal recruitment agency with its own code of ethics. This means that we obey the law under all circumstances and we respect the principles of morality. We are people and also employees who stick together and want to help others on their career journey.

The main point are, of course, money. By law and in accordance with the law, the company where you work determines the pay, and that is your gross salary. The agency, like other human resources departments, duly pays income tax, social and health insurance for employees and pays your net salary to your account. It is usually more efficient for companies to hire an agency and its professional personnel service. It is not true that the agency charges any fees from its staff. The agency always invoices only to companies. From this remuneration, it pays the salaries of employees, mandatory contributions, and at the same time provides its clients with other services such as personnel management, accounting, etc.

Regarding other important situations at work, such as overtime, mandatory breaks, the right to see a doctor, etc., we always follow the applicable laws. Therefore, please do not forget what you may want from your employer. Whether it's a maximum of 8 hours of overtime per week, a maximum of 12-hour shifts or mandatory breaks. If the company does not behave well, we will stand behind you and solve the situation.

Here in Manpower it will never happen to you that you have problems with the tax office. We do not try to save by looking for loopholes in the tax system. We know that honesty in negotiations ultimately pays off. Working illegally can be tempting, but in the end you always rob only yourself. In the future payments from the state, from maternity, through sickness to retirement, will be reduced. That is why it is better to have a large company like us behind you. We always pay taxes properly and do not support illegal employment at all.