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Are you the type of person who can’t stand manual labor and automates it away immediately? Are you the type of person who can drive down the costs of our systems while also increasing their operational efficiency? Or, are you passionate about creating systems and tools that give customers, as well as our own developers, the best experience possible? Then read on because this job could be the right fit for you.


✅ You will be working 4+ days on-site, with a team of dedicated but fun professionals. Together your responsibilities are focussed on ensuring operational excellence in everything we do.

✅ You will be responsible for the design and automation of CI/CD pipelines across the plethora of platforms supported by our VOD and SmartOTT solutions. This includes setting up KISS processes and procedures supported by efficient automation. In addition, you will ensure the availability/capacity/etc for those same services.

✅ You will be empowering our development teams by providing tools and introducing automated self-services to build, run and guard their solutions, and you will be paving the way towards immutable infrastructure setup as Infrastructure-As-Code and ending our (limited) co-located sites.


✅ Experience with scripting languages, preferably Bash, Python
✅ Demonstrated skill and passion for operational excellence
✅ A willingness to participate in a rotating out-of-office hours emergency shift
✅ Proficiency with the English Language



✅ We are present in the full vertical of media content delivery. From front-end apps to transcoding, streaming, securing, cataloging, up to content storage. And we will be on-boarding more and more of our clientele into our SaaS-vertical.

✅ As our company expands our SaaS services and our developer teams, we will scale up our DevOps engineers into a yet to be determined NoOps / SRE / Infrastructure+Self-services setup. ✅ We also have implemented a hard toil limit to ensure improvement work is balanced against the incoming issues and requests

✅ And as always, we are eager to learn: Any outage or near-miss results in an RCA followed by preventive work so we become more experienced and more prepared for the future.

✅ A training budget of €1500,- per year

✅ Contribution to your holiday expenses 50% of your monthly salary

✅ 5 weeks of holiday

✅ A personal budget of 2000 CZK for off work activities with your colleagues

✅ A pension allowance 2000 CZK per month

✅ Business trips / relocation possibilities to our offices in Amsterdam or Madrid

✅ Meal vouchers 100 CZK

✅ Home-office

✅ Floating work schedule

✅Company events (discover new bars and not only European cities)

✅ Team buildings – what do you like to do in your free time? Skiing? Laser game? Rafting? OK, let’s do it together!


Tereza Svobodová
+420 703 865 334
  Doporuč kamaráda a získej 3.000 Kč


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