My name is Misa Jankechova a I work for International SOS since 2011 , now I am in the position of Assistant General Manager for Finance and Sales Services.


5 years ago, when I was addressed by a recruitment agency whether I am interested in the position of Billing Manager, the name of the company International SOS did not ring a bell to me. So I had to search the Internet before the interview to find out more. I learnt that the core biz of the company is health and security assistance. As I myself had travelled a lot before – and not always was it to “safe” destinations – I got very interested. I liked it then and I like it still.

417Today, after 5 years with the company, I lead 3 different teams; I added Client Services and Accounting to the Billing team which I started with originally. What I like best about the job is the variedness, dynamics and real development opportunities.

The internal “reality” of International SOS is quick, dynamic, changing, requesting fast reactions as well as ability to decide and flexibility. It is everything but boring, rather the has to be always ready for anything.

Our employees are offered new experience, biz trips abroad to try working in a different environment with their international colleagues. These opportunities are not only on “a piece of paper” or in a job advertisement but exist in reality. I myself got the chance to work for 3 months in Singapore. Despite the fact that I already worked in Asia in the past, Singapore was still different, new and of course, during the 3 months I managed to see a lot more than only Singapore☺. Also employees from my teams got a similar chance to work on projects in France, US, even in Australia.

Our Prague SSC is constantly growing, we work on new projects, open new opportunities. Currently my greatest task is to build a new centralized accounting department that will provide accounting services for our clients from Europe, US and partially Asia. At the moment we are finalizing the transition from France and at the same from US as well as Kuala Lumpur.

Are you interested in how it works in reality? As soon as our colleagues start, they get acquainted with the Company, get training on systems, processes and after approximately 5 weeks they are sent to biz trip for a months to take over the agreed accounting activities. Those who have similar experience know how demanding a transition is, on the other hand it is a chance to get new experience – both professional and personal. Moreover it is an opportunity to participate on building something new.

So, if you like challenges and are not searching only for a job “from-till”, be a part of my team! It will not be easy, you will be requested to work hard, but you will learn and experience a lot! You will fully utilize your professional knowledge, languages and most of all – you will belong to a great team.


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